Stella By Barlight is the band for your event! We play jazz, rock, Italian-American pop, disco, and we'll throw in a little comedy on the side. Checkout the video below featuring Brad Hecht (sax), Gino Raugi (guitar), Olaf Schiappacasse (drums), and Chris Charman (bass). Thanks to Matt Pierce, Doug Ross, and Paul Schraub!

You can also book Stella's Jazz Trio. This band plays strictly jazz with a little smattering of Italian-American pop. Check out the band at Hoffman's in 2017 and some other tunes recorded in 2006.

From left to right the boys are Olaf Schippacasse,Gerry Spinelli, and Steve Czarnecki.

The musicians on the recordings are Gino Raugi(guitar), Bill Bosch (bass), and Olaf Schiappacasse (drums).

The bands are based in Santa Cruz, California and play frequently at local venues. Check out the calendar for more details.

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